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Food Drive for the Oregon Food Bank

Everyone is coming to the show to have a real good time …

See the kitties feed the people!


$6 + 2 cans of food — $8 with out food
Children under 12 free

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Entry Clerk:

Val Horton


Show Manager/Vendors:

Pamela Barrett




Saturday Judges


Sunday Judges

Tomoko Vlach
Ellen Crockett AB

Heather Roberts
AB Kurt Vlach AB
Elaine Weitz AB Laura Cunningham AB

Jeff Roberts
Tomoko Vlach
Lindajean Grillo AB
Laurie Schiff
Kurt Vlach SP
Alexandra Marinets

International Cat Show Schedule of Events

Friday – Nov 10th 10 am to 3 pm Set-up the Show Hall Work-Party — Volunteers Welcome
7 pm – 9 pm Clerking School – Show Hall
6 pm – 8 pm Early Check-in w/cage set-up – Show hall
Saturday – Nov 11th 7:30 am to 8:30 am Show Check-in
9 am to 5 pm International Cat Show Public Hours
Spectator Voting – People’s Choice
Sunday – Nov 12th 8 am to 8:30 am Show Check-in
9 am to 5 pm International Cat Show Public Hours
Spectator Voting – People’s Choice + Special Announcement Coming Soon

Public Show Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Check-in time for Saturday is 7 am – 8:30 am, Sunday 8 am – 8:30 am.All cats must remain in the show hall during advertised hours.
People’s Choice Awards ~ Big CASH Prizes & Fabulous Rosettes Spectators will be voting for their favorite cat in show. TNCC will award massive rosettes and give CASH to the top 3 winners each day. The club will provide cage cards with entry info for display so all exhibitors may participate.$100-1st ~ $ 75-2nd ~ $ 50-3rd
Cage curtains must cover top, sides, and bottom of benching cage.TNCC provides wire-benching cages. If you need a wire cage please indicate on summary sheet so we have your benching area prepared just right.
Services: Cat litter will be provided to all exhibitors.
Please bring your own food dishes and litter pans.
Non-Vetted Show: All cats and kittens must be current on their vaccinations.
Cats with ear mites, fungus or showing signs of illness will not be permitted in
the show hall. Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness will be
removed from the show hall. Please clip claws on all four feet.
Show Rules: Show Rules of The International Cat Association will be in effect.
You may obtain a copy of the show rules from TICA, PO Box 2988, Harlingen,
TX 78551. Ring awards in accordance with TICA rules.
Clerks: Please indicate on the entry form if you will be able to clerk. Ring
clerks will be paid $40 a day, or if clerking all 2 days receive one 2-day/1 entry
TNCC Entry Special in lieu of payment. All clerks will get lunch, and a fully
marked electronic catalog.
Exhibition/For Sale Entries will only be accepted from exhibitors who have
cat(s) competing in this show. Please complete an official entry for each cat or
kitten as per TICA rules. No cat or kitten will be allowed in the Show Hall if not
listed in the catalog. Absolutely no sales from carriers will be permitted.
Household Pets: Please indicate on the entry form the Household Pet’s (HHP)
accurate color and pattern. If your HHP has short hair but a bushy tail, it should
be entered as a long hair. If your HHP has a small white locket on an otherwise
solid-colored body, it should be entered as a solid colored cat. All HHP’s over 8
months of age must be ALTERED. TICA registration is not necessary to
compete, but it is to claim titles. Phone the entry clerk if you require assistance
in completing the entry form and/or the summary sheet.
Preliminary New Breeds and Advanced New Breeds: According to TICA
Show Rule 203.19, all Preliminary New Breeds (PNB) and Advanced New
Breeds (ANB) must have a TICA registration number prior to any TICA show.
No Preliminary New Breed or Advanced New Breed may enter a show with
“registration pending”.

TNCC Entry Sale; 2 days,
12 rings Regular Entry Fees
Closing Date Oct 29, 2017



Entries + extra half cage
Entries + 2 extra half cages
Entry + extra half cage + groom space

Must be same Registered Owner(s), Must Pay by 10/15/2017 — Placeholders Encouraged Just Send Entry Info by Closing Date

2 Day Entry – Same Registered Owner 1st Entry
2nd Entry
3rd Entry +
1 Day Entry 1st Entry +
Additional Space & Services Extra half cage, 22″ x 22″ x 22″ Grooming space, 24″ x 30″
Grooming space, 24″ x 30″
Sale/Exhibition Cage, Exhibitors Only
Additional Show Catalog
TNCC VIP – Ring & Cake Sponsorship
Clerking School Friday Night, RSVP # attending